6-Lead ECG Device
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6-Lead ECG Device

The NH1 device, through connecting to the Nabz Ava app, instantly captures your ECG strip with up to 6 leads, displaying and storing ECG and PPG waveforms.

  • Easy to Use
  • Small and Portable
  • 1 and 6-Lead ECG

Heart arrhythmias don't wait for you to see a doctor...
Take regular ECG checks of your own!

Easy Connection

This device does not use any intrusive gel or adhesive. The device is operable in both single-channel and six-channel modes. To use it in single-channel mode, simply touch the device's electrodes with your fingertips, and for the six-channel mode, in addition to your hands, the lower electrode of the device should be connected to the ankle (or as directed by a physician).

Cardiac Health Care with Regular ECG Monitoring
Easy to Use

Cardiac Health Care with Regular ECG Monitoring

The most important feature of the NH1 device is the ability to record and share the acquired data with your physician. By becoming a member of the Naba'ava platform and utilizing the Naba' Family service, you can monitor the cardiac health of yourself or your loved ones every day with the help of specialized heart doctors.

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Displaying ECG Analysis

  • ECG
  • RR
  • QRS duration
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Compact and Portable
Easy to Carry

Compact and Portable

This device, with dimensions of 1.3 * 2.5 * 10.1 centimeters and a weight of only 34 grams, not only makes it easy to carry but also allows you to conveniently obtain your heart's ECG at any time and anywhere.

Other Features of NH1 ECG Device

The capabilities of this device are not limited to the mentioned features alone... AI-powered AF arrhythmia detection, SPO2 calculation, respiratory rate calculation, and more, are among the software features that will soon be added to this product through a simple app update.

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