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The stethoscope model NS0 and cardiology stethoscope model NS0-Cardio are part of the high-quality stethoscope series manufactured in Iran and are used by healthcare professionals.

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Only stethoscopes Made in Iran with 1 year warranty and 5 years after sales service

NS0 stethoscope

NS0 stethoscope

Nabz acoustic stethoscopes are a cost-effective choice that competes with mid-range market smartphones. The quality of these devices meets your needs in various examinations, and with the assurance of product warranty and after-sales services, you can make a worry-free purchase

The material and structure of the chest-piece and diaphragm in a medical stethoscope.

The headpiece section of a medical stethoscope is one of the most important components of a mechanical stethoscope. Its significance is even greater in professional examination stethoscopes, which are often dual-lumen (double-tubed). The sound reception diaphragm serves a dual role: amplifying received sounds and minimizing unwanted noise. In the design and manufacturing technology of medical stethoscope diaphragms, an effort has been made to maintain cost control while achieving the desired quality for diagnostic examinations by healthcare practitioners. Another part of the metal headpiece is located after the sound reception diaphragm. The material and design of the sound transmission channels in this section have a significant impact on the device's performance and the received sound quality. The chest piece of pulse medical stethoscopes is made from stainless steel. On both sides of this product, there is a bell and a diaphragm. The bell has a diameter of approximately 32 millimeters, and the diaphragm has a diameter of 47 millimeters. The surrounding rings of the chest pieces are also made of silicone.

NS0 Medical Stethoscope Tubing

NS0 Medical Stethoscope Tubing

The length and material of the tubing are among the most important factors in creating user satisfaction during extended examinations. The lifespan of the tubing and its resistance to stiffness over time are crucial considerations. Additionally, a longer tubing length contributes to a better examination experience, which is highly dependent on the construction quality of the medical stethoscope. The tubing of the NS0 Pulse Stethoscope is flexible and durable, with acceptable longevity, and it is constructed from PVC.

Eartip and headset

Eartip and headset

The part that goes inside the ear. The softness of this part's structure, while maintaining strength when placed inside the ear, is an important consideration. The headset is also composed of two stethoscope tubes and eartips, designed in a way to fit snugly into your ear canals. The material of the headset is made of stainless steel, which is significantly better than headsets made of aluminum. Improper construction and design in this part of the device can lead to fatigue, discomfort in the ear, and neck area during extended examinations, and the looseness of this component practically hinders the physician's ability to examine effectively.

Comparison of NS0 and NS0-Cardio Medical Stethoscopes

Comparison of NS0 and NS0-Cardio Medical Stethoscopes

The NS0-Classic medical stethoscope features a traditional chest piece with both a bell and a diaphragm. This type of medical stethoscope offers high auditory sensitivity. The wider part (diaphragm) is used for examining adults, allowing the detection of fine sounds (high-frequency), while the smaller piece (bell) is used for pediatric and slender individuals, suitable for hearing deep sounds (low-frequency). It is among the most commonly used medical stethoscopes by general practitioners due to its quality and sound intensity across both high and low frequencies. In contrast, the cardiology medical stethoscope, because of its specific design, offers the highest precision and sensitivity in detecting various heart-related sounds. In other words, superior hearing of high-frequency sounds is the most distinguishing feature of cardiology stethoscopes, setting them apart from the NS0-Classic stethoscope. These medical stethoscopes are 40% larger and 60% deeper than regular stethoscopes, aiding physicians in detecting even minor changes in a patient's condition. In addition to sound clarity, the noise resistance of this stethoscope is higher compared to the NS0-Classic medical stethoscope.

Comparison of products

NS0 Series Stethoscopes
Acoustic stethoscope
Cardiology stethoscope
Tube type
Single lumen
Two lumens
Chest piece height
20 mm
29 mm
135 grams
175 grams
72 cm
69 cm
Cube material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
tube material
flexible pvc
flexible pvc
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