Portable Ultrasound Device
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Portable Ultrasound Device

This device is designed for a wide range of applications, from anesthesia to MSK, and its portability provides a flexible solution for healthcare needs.

  • Small and Portable
  • Full Touch Screen Display
  • Support for B, M, and B+M Modes

Portable Ultrasound Device Carry it with you easily!

The most popular imaging method

The most popular imaging method

Today, medical imaging is considered one of the essential diagnostic tools in healthcare, and easier access to these tools leads to more precise and faster examinations. Ultrasound imaging, due to its extensive application and user-friendliness, is among the popular imaging methods. However, one crucial aspect in this field is access to devices that, while being lightweight and portable, do not compromise the quality of examinations. Therefore, Naba' Intelligent Health has designed and manufactured a portable ultrasound device under the brand name 'NI'.

Device Functionality

Device Functionality

The NI device has been purposefully designed and developed with the consideration of the needs of healthcare professionals after extensive studies and consultations. It is intended to serve the medical field in the Point of Care domain. This device, with features such as portability and excellent image quality, covers a wide range of applications and aims to meet the maximum needs of a physician. The imaging modes in this device include B+M, B, and M modes. Additionally, the device supports Compound and Trapezoid imaging modes for linear probes.

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display

This device, with a 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen, displays images with higher accuracy than traditional scans.

Smart Software Features

With this device, you don't just have a hardware product, but you also have access to Nubz Pulse software services.

Portable Design

You can easily perform examinations in a hospital, clinic, or even at the patient's bedside without any worries. Don't be concerned about the weight and dimensions of the device.

Battery-Powered Capability

Having a long-lasting battery is one of the features that allows the user to perform examinations in situations where there is no access to electricity.

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