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Nabz Family And Doctor

The starting point of the attractions of the Nabz Ava application is its ability to connect to a world of smart health gadgets. For example, when connecting the application to medical smartphones, you can save the sounds being heard, and at the same time, the Nabz Ava app simultaneously and live draws a Phonocardiogram of the sounds you're hearing. You can also connect smart ECG and blood pressure devices to the Nabz Ava app and view your ECG graph (Electrocardiogram) live and in real-time on the app. Or you can observe your blood pressure with more precise details. You have the ability to save all these files, replay them multiple times at different speeds, and listen or watch them and analyze them. For patients, there is the possibility to easily and with a prior appointment, take advantage of online consultations with Nabz's doctors and specialists

Nabz Ava web application
The presence of specialized doctors and consultants in Nabz Ava

The presence of specialized doctors and consultants in Nabz Ava

The tranquility of a family doubles when a doctor takes constant care of the health of its members, whether at work, at home, or anywhere else. Peace of mind about the health of our loved ones is one of our most significant mental concerns. Nabz Khanevadeh (Family's Nabz Application) is with you to contribute as much as possible to providing this sense of tranquility. Nabz Ava has invited the country's best general practitioners and specialists to be present in order to provide you with peace of mind through their consultation.

Nabz Ava web application
  • Medigram
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Sharing

The gathering of doctors on the first specialized social network, an engaging space for accessing various ECG samples, heart and lung sounds, and sharing knowledge among medical students

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